4 Steps to Healing Faster After Falling from Your Horse

You may have read this title thinking “Is that a metaphor???” Nope, this is Texas and we get many active clients who love riding their horses…. and there is one group of smart, body-aware, proactive ladies, who seem to have an issue with one horse (or, is it the horse that has the issue??) and keep returning to our office due to falls. They have this routine down, so I’m sharing it with you, just in case you wind up on the ground.

1. Scan, be aware. Are there any fractures or open wounds? If you feel like something is really broken, bleeding, or amiss, call EMS or get yourself to urgent care right away. I add that last detail “right away” because some of us hard-headed Texans like to wait—but that is not a good idea if you are dealing with a possible head injury or fracture.

2. Wounded pride or a sore bum? So, you have managed to get up off the ground and realize you are okay. You are aware that you are much stiffer than you were 30 seconds ago, and tomorrow is going to be painful. Here is the easy part: Call our Boerne office at 830.431.0773 to reserve the Biomat for a 24-hour check out. 

What the heck is the Biomat?? It is a far-infrared heating pad with amethyst crystals (my husband likes to refer to it as hippie voodoo that really works when you are hurting) that is great at decreasing inflammation in the body. When we have trauma or falls, we have a natural response on a cellular level to heal and help the wounded/inflamed area. Quick action on the front end helps decrease bruising and soreness. For more detailed information, you can check out my Biomat website.

3. Start drinking water ASAP. In order to flush out toxins and keep our tissue pliable, water is the best bet. It is very important if you are going to use the Biomat, or have any bodywork done.

Most Americans are dehydrated, so being intentional about drinking water for the next several days will help. Recommended is at least half your body weight in ounces or more.

4. Myofascial release. For our body to work the best, we need to be in postural alignment. Basically, if we ran a plumb line down the side of our body, our ear, shoulder, hip and ankle should be lined up. When we have a trauma (i.e., falling off the beloved horse), there is an increased chance that our alignment is off.  By going to see a therapist trained in John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release approach (www.myofascialrelease.com) right away, you can get the body back in alignment, with less pain, and get back to riding horses again.

In my humble opinion, the more centered we are and the more balanced our body is, the more in sync we are with nature and our horse. So, the faster we (the human) get that squared away, the faster we are getting back on our horse.

Want more information? Call 830.431.0773 or Click Here for our free guide to Healing Faster After Falling From Your Horse »

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Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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4 Steps to Healing Faster After Falling from Your Horse


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