5 Great Things to Do With the Kids Before Summer Is Over (I Realize Summer Has Not Started, but It Goes by Fast!!)

Summer!! Do you remember the excitement as kids–getting out of school, and how slow time passed? I think in our fast paced world, summer goes super fast, and then it’s Christmas!!

Here are a few great things to do in the hill country, before summer is gone!

1. Hamilton Pool

You have to make reservations to go, but it is well worth it for a day of fun. Click here to make your reservations.

2. Kayak/Swim in the Guadalupe River

There are a host of good outfitters along the way to rent kayaks or tubes from, some will let you pay to put in and have a shuttle to pick you up. Here is one link, but there are many more.

If you are noticing a trend here, it’s because it gets hot in Texas!

3. San Antonio River Trail Expansion

This is a fun way to rent or take your bikes and follow the trail along the San Antonio river. It’s sunny, so wear sunscreen or hope for a cool day.

This map is super helpful!

4. Mcdonald Observatory

Ok, this is about 5 hours away, but so much fun! They have star parties, where the park ranger points out constellations in the night sky, then you get to look through the telescopes for closer viewing of planets. No light pollution, so you can really see the stars! Here again, you want to make reservations! https://mcdonaldobservatory.org/visitors/programs/star-parties

5. Bat Cave

What?? Well, this really is a summertime event. You can watch it nightly at the Congress street bridge in Austin, or head out to the country and have dinner at Alamo Springs, followed by bat watching at dusk at the old railroad tunnel next door. Click here for park info.

We hope you have a great summer of being active and fit with your family! It makes adventure so much more fun when we all feel good!



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5 Great Things to Do With the Kids Before Summer Is Over (I Realize Summer Has Not Started, but It Goes by Fast!!)


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