Back Safety and Moving

January is National Back Safety Month and what a great time to pick moving to a new office! That’s right! Monarch PT in Boerne is moving across the parking lot, in the same building complex, into a newly renovated and larger space!

With moving comes lots of bending and lifting and twisting…but not all at once! A great way to remember is no B.L.T. When packing and moving, you want to remember to place boxes at waist-height, if possible, and turn your whole body to face the box to lift and avoiding twisting the body while lifting or holding a heavy object. Also, do not attempt to lift an object by bending forward. Make sure your hips and knees are both bent and squat down to pick up your load, keeping it close to your body, straightening your legs to lift the object.

If you already have low back or leg pain as a result of lifting something you maybe shouldn’t have, we at Monarch PT can definitely help. You can schedule an in-person or over-the-phone, 20-minute Ease Visit with one of our physical therapists to see if Monarch is the right fit for you. You may also request our Back Pain Tip Sheet to read at your leisure. We are happy to be a resource in any way so, please, reach out! We would love an email, call, or message. We are problem solvers, here to assist you in your transformation into wellness!


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Back Safety and Moving


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