Carolyn’s Story About Physical Therapy and Monarch YOU Classes

Meet Carolyn. She came to Monarch because of a bladder issue and saw Amber, one of our therapists. Carolyn quickly began experiencing relief, but she kept wanting more results. Amber told her that she should attend one of the exercise classes that Monarch offers, but Carolyn wasn’t sure about it at first.

But as time went on and the treatments gave her the ability to walk again, Carolyn became eager for even more progress in her health and decided to give them a try. She quickly found that the classes equipped her to treat herself when she experienced flare-ups of pain or tension, and this allowed her progress in recovery to continue outside of her appointments with Amber.

Empowered by this, Carolyn quickly jumped on board when she heard about Monarchs Qigong classes. Carolyn says the Qigong class is teaching her how to pay attention to what her body is doing and really understand the way that an issue in one area can affect the entire body and cause tension and pain all over.

Carolyn compares the addition of Monarch’s classes to her treatment path to peeling back the layers of an onion. Just going skin deep, just attending therapy helps and adds much to your life, but the deeper you go and the further into the onion you go, the more goodness you get out of it.

A year ago, Carolyn couldn’t even walk. She had trouble even getting out of bed. Today, she’s not only walking, she’s exercising and starting to be able to lift again. She can do housework and other things for her family that she couldn’t do just one year ago— and she credits all of this growth and recovery to her time at Monarch Physical Therapy. But, Carolyn says, it’s not just about the therapy received during her appointments: taking classes enhances them and peels back the onion further and further, allowing you to take your progress well beyond the therapy room and into your everyday life.

To hear Carolyn’s full testimony click play on the video above.


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Carolyn’s Story About Physical Therapy and Monarch YOU Classes


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