Health, Sickness, Insurance, Wellness and Car Maintenance…

Have any of you read a Facebook post that you really enjoyed, then had to get back to daily life, and when you tried to get back to the super interesting blog/article, you can’t find it??? Can I get an Amen? This morning while drinking coffee, I read a post from I think the Cleveland […]

Just a Little Nagging Pain Getting in the Way of Everyday Life

I’m part of a big family–my mom is one of eight kids–and i have quite a few first cousins, just on my mom’s side ( I think it’s 16, but who is counting!).  My youngest Aunt (who is only 15 years older than me), has a daughter who is 18 years younger than me–this is […]

Myth Buster: Fake It Until You Make It

Fake it until we make it….I’m sure you have heard this comment, and if you get on the internet, there are a ton of great meme’s out there showing us all about how to fake it. Problem is, when you make it, and you have been faking it, will it all be fake??? True story, […]

5 Ways This Treatment Is Different From What You Have Had Before

We have a new front desk employee at the Boerne office. His name is Daniel and today is his first day of work here. Part of the fun of new employee orientation, is spending 30 minutes working on him, so he knows what our clients get in treatment. Here is a fuzzy picture. So how […]

4 Steps to Healing Faster After Falling from Your Horse

You may have read this title thinking “Is that a metaphor???” Nope, this is Texas and we get many active clients who love riding their horses…. and there is one group of smart, body-aware, proactive ladies, who seem to have an issue with one horse (or, is it the horse that has the issue??) and keep returning to […]