Did Your Doctor Tell You, “It’s Just Because You Are Getting Older”, and Do You Just Accept That as a Good Answer to Your Problem?!

I started out as a very shy, quiet, compliant person.  It was very easy for me to have a lot of questions, but to ask a stranger, and elder, or a person in authority was a major challenge for me. It was a huge internal struggle for me to express myself fully, even to close friends.  If you put me in front of someone in authority, like going to the doctor, I would almost completely shut down.

This is just  a groovy pic from the 1970’s with me and my great Aunt Norma.

Getting into graduate school gave me some much needed confidence to speak up and somewhat challenge ideas or people. It still makes me very uncomfortable to be confrontational, but i have learned that it is ok (meaning, i will not die or pass out), if i ask questions or make a choice that works best for me, even if it is not the popular cultural choice. In short, i have learned to honor my principles, and do my best to stand by what i believe in.

The 4 walls of my treatment room are like vegas–what happens there, stays there.  There are a lot of similiar questions and conversations that happen there.  There seems to be a common thread lately with all of my clients with some sort of pelvic issue–it could be urinary urge, bladder leakage (incontinence), or pelvic pain–and that is shame. They are very embarrassed that they have had to tell thier story multiple times to find our office and seek out help.

I am here to tell you, that it does not have to feel that way. It’s very hard to be the patient, i still think it is hard to speak up and have an honest conversation with your MD about your health plans–and find the middle ground. What do they suggest, what do you want to do, and then seek out the care that is best for you.

I don’t think that is being a rebel, I think that is working as a team and knowing your body and your belief system.  Most of my clients have been quiet, compliant people, who trusted that the medicine prescribed would “fix” them and do the trick. Most of them have been on a long journey to wellness and have tried options they did not know existed.

If you are interested in finding out more about us and how we can help you on your medical journey, please call the Boerne office and set up a free, 20 min “ease your worry” session. We listen to you and your questions, you get the chance to see if we are right for you.  If your schedule is too busy to come by, we can also do them over the phone.

Thanks for your time to read this, and I really do think there is a lot we can do to make ageing a better process than just shutting down and not speaking up for ourselves.




Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT

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Did Your Doctor Tell You, “It’s Just Because You Are Getting Older”, and Do You Just Accept That as a Good Answer to Your Problem?!


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