Health, Sickness, Insurance, Wellness and Car Maintenance…

Have any of you read a Facebook post that you really enjoyed, then had to get back to daily life, and when you tried to get back to the super interesting blog/article, you can’t find it??? Can I get an Amen?

This morning while drinking coffee, I read a post from I think the Cleveland Tribune (can’t find it again to source it). It was talking about how the current healthcare model is based on sickness, not wellness. So, if you try to have proactive/wellness items covered by your insurance, usually they are not a covered item. You have to wait to get sick, before insurance takes over.

This is not anything new from my perspective, but it makes explaining what we do at Monarch a bit confusing sometimes…so let me try and explain. If you have an injury/surgery medical condition, then getting a referral and getting physical therapy is the perfect route. Some people pay for this with insurance (most insurance wants to make sure the treatment is medically necessary—I will explain this a bit more later), and some people have high deductible plans, so they pay cash for the treatments. The important part is the medical necessity.

As you get well and graduate from physical therapy, most clients see the value in myofascial release, and want to keep coming (imagine Brenda doing cheerleading jumps—because this is a huge mindset shift into wellness/not sickness mode). We offer wellness as massage therapy (Mollie and Brenda are both PT’s and MT’s), so that clients who have graduated from physical therapy can continue to come monthly and receive the same treatment as if it was a PT session, or for their birthday, as wellness. As stated above, this is usually not a medical necessity, so it would not be covered by insurance.

I think in analogies, so imagine this: you have a car. Everyone tells you that you need regular oil changes, tire rotation, air filters changed to extend the life of your car. Think of this as car wellness. Unless you have a special arrangement with your car dealer, these are not items that your car insurance would take care of…yet you know that your car will do better, be safer transportation and last longer if you get the oil changed and keep good tires on the car. Your auto insurance is there when you have a crash (sickness), but you are responsible for scheduled maintenance (wellness) of your car.

Make sense? I think for a lot of Americans, it is easier to take better care of their car, than it is to take better care of their bodies… but like all things, we can get better at that!

The first photo was a few weeks after purchasing this 1970 truck that had not run since 1988—it was in rough shape. The second picture is today, still not fancy, but runs and is great for hauling dogs and mulch. Change is possible—even in old trucks!


Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT

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Health, Sickness, Insurance, Wellness and Car Maintenance…


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