We're a Fun, Relaxed Physical Therapy Clinic Looking For...

a motivated professional!

Monarch physical therapy offers the following:

Covid 19 has been a blessing in some ways (not in all ways, but stay with me). Taking a break from life as we have known it, has caused some of the following:

  • Not having a job to return too. 
  • Not wanting to return to the job/stressful pace we had. 
  • A new awareness of how important work/life balance really is, and that needs to stay a part of the “new normal”. 
  • Being a health care provider and giving of yourself everyday, without replenishing or “filling your cup” leads to burnout and adrenal fatigue. 

I have been a physical therapist for 24 years, clinic owner for 10, and understand all of the above listed items. I worked in corporate PT as a new grad, loved my patients and my co-workers, but there were some things I saw that slowly started making my soul question what I was doing, and the ethics of the company I was working for. 

IF you can relate to this, just reply with AMEN: 

  • Sketchy coverage of that PT lic I just worked so hard to get 
  • Being tripled every 30 min with IP clients and then having no clue who I had really seen when documenting. 
  • Coming home and sitting in the dark eating chips and salsa because I was give out. 
  • Not feeling like I had much patience for my home life, because work was so physically/emotionally/chaotically draining. 

I found the Myofascial release work that John F Barnes teaches in 2003 and have been taking classes every since. I love 1:1 direct care for an hour, and I know that clients can tell the difference. ( wasn’t that what being in healthcare was about—actually performing treatment on someone that you knew about their case and weren’t braindead to do some good treatment on?) 

Corporate healthcare is generally more concerned with money than patient outcomes.  Expectations placed on clinicians are generally unrealistic since admin positions are far removed from direct patient care. Then there are the mandates. What about having healthy people providing the health care? 

Therefore, I choose to have each therapist see one person at a time, max of 6 patients a day, with 15 min breaks between clients for bathroom breaks, documentation, or just take a drink of water and read up on the next person. 

Monarch Physical Therapy offers the following: 

  • Small, direct care clinic with a strong belief in you, the clinician, to make appropriate decisions in the POC and treatment of your patients. 
  • Monthly time blocks on the schedule to work on each other, discuss patient care, and mentorship on clinical skills. 
  • Transparency on how a small business is run and encouragement of personal development. 
  • Mentoring on understanding the business and financial side of the clinic at monthly staff meetings, so all staff are invested in treatment and productivity , and how that contributes to the clinic as a whole. 
  • Ability to teach/mentor clinical skills, but also granting autonomy to manage caseload and schedule. 
  • Medical autonomy for yourself. 
  • Current schedule is Monday-Thursday 9-4:30.  

If this resonates with you in any way, or you are interested in employment, we are a clinic based on JFB myofascial release, pelvic floor therapy, and doing our best in the process. Skill set has to include a Texas PT lic in good standing, already taken JFB MFR courses and have a passion for this work. Professional winning attitude who is motivated to help practice in a multitude of ways if there is downtime.

The posting is NOT for the following: 

  • Slacker attitude looking for and “Easy” job 
  • Someone who is not present and can’t separate work/life and not able to be efficient while at work 
  • Someone who is all talk, and no action. She really loves her work and not just full of hot air to “sell it” to get this position. 

This job IS FOR:

  • Someone who loves living in the Texas Hill Country, but also understands their role as a treating therapist. She works well with the rest of the staff and enjoys her work family.  
  • Someone who has personality. There are teachable skills and non-teachable skills—I can teach you the EMR and how to open the office, but I can’t teach you to care, be a great communicator, and have passion. 
  • Someone who understands there is a trade off for lower census, lower stress in the form of not the highest salary in the country—but how much does time and energy cost?? 

How to Apply…

Please email me at brenda@monarchpt.com and put “I want the PT job” in the subject line and then we can visit and go from there. 

For more information, please check us out on www.monarchpt.com, or follow us on Facebook. 

Thank you,