How Little Things – Done Consistently – Can Solve Big Problems

One year.

We have had our vintage trailer one year. The plan is to have an “RV park for one” in our back 2 acres. So this process started with a great adventure of my sweet husband going on adventure with my parents to get this 1967 trailer from Wisconson. We were high on adrenaline and a new project.

That was the easy part, what still needed to happen was the instillation of : 1. A septic system, 2. Electricity, 3. Build a car port for the ancient trailer, and 4. Water in the back back (that’s what we call the 2 acres behind the fence.) There are more projects involved, but that is the major list.

We have completed the septic and the carport (hooray!) and part of number 2, but life has been a little hectic. We can’t really move the trailer until we have the electicity and water hooked up. My sweet husband is all about “one thing at a time” while I like to go 100 miles per hour. So now we wait, nothing is happening.

To me, this is where we are stuck in completing this project. I am a decision maker and I don’t like how slow this process has become. I want to maintain forward motion.

So what the heck does this have to do with Monarch Physical Therapy???? What bizarre thread is Brenda taking us on???

Well, if we use the example of our physical bodies here, do you have any areas that have hurt for a year? Is there some little nagging pain that every morning you wake up, and hope that today is the day it will go away? Maybe you have started your journey, but after waiting to get treatment for years, your healing is not going in the straight, linear line you are expecting. It’s easy to get bogged down in the process.

So what can you do?

I am a fan of action, even little baby steps, motion is motion. We have a new website, that has a lot of free reports you can down load and learn more about what we do. You can call us and talk to one of the therapists to check us out and see if we are a good fit for you. You can even come in and meet with a therapist in person. We offer stretching classes monthly and you can bring a friend to see what that is all about.

You might not be ready to find out all the details/plan of action, but you do know that you are ready to do something.

I do not want you to think that JFB Myofascial release is a quick fix, because it is based on solving problems, not just treating symptoms. But I do want you to know, that little things done consistently, add up and help to solve big, complicated problems (health and body wise, or completing home improvement projects!).

Let’s do it!




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How Little Things – Done Consistently – Can Solve Big Problems


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