It Feels So Good to Declutter… Lessons Learned Cleaning a Closet

True story: I am an introvert of German decent, so on this perfectly fantastic South Texas January day, I worked on cleaning and reorganizing the office closet.   This was not some sort of escape from doing income tax, but we are moving into a larger office in two weeks, and the present office is beyond full.  It’s at the cluttered “we have got to do something stage”, so I started the moving process by moving the office closet–and looking into boxes, not just re-moving stuff from 5 years ago we don’t use any more.

It was work, at least for this 40-something, to load up the pick-up, drive across the parking lot, and unload. Repeat this 2 or 3 times and you get the picture.  At first i was tired, and not very motivated (we have wi-fi at the new place, so i played some music to help give me some energy). But then it started giving me energy back–3 shelving units fit in the closet, there is a place for all the costco paper products, the holiday decorations all fit in one area (so we can find the Valentines sign in February, not July). It was like my inner nerd was at peace.

Moving can bring on a certain level of stress (can i get an Amen?) with many to-do lists on top of a regularly busy/overscheduled life. I have some sort of internal resistance to moving, I like the new place and the after moving-part, but the thought of all of that extra work to do the actual move,  tends to make me not want to go there.

I think human nature does that to us. We have some sort of natural resistance, or desire to “deal with that later” when it comes to a lot of issues.It could be a number of things like the shoulder pain that started last year, that each day you wake up, and hope “this will be the day” that it goes away….except it’s still there. Others are dealing with “this will be the year I finally _____ (fill in the blank — maybe it’s loose weight, go on that dream vacation, or marry prince charming).

I’m pretty confident in saying, monarch PT is not your go-to source for finding prince charming or weight loss, but we are experts at helping awesome people like you heal their physical body. It can be a daunting process, sort of like cleaning the closet…..but once some of that internal clutter has been released, and it starts feeling good to feel good….great things are in store!

Let us know if we can be a resource!


Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT

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It Feels So Good to Declutter… Lessons Learned Cleaning a Closet


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