Living out of my comfort zone: Things I never thought I would do as an adult

This picture of me is with my hair and makeup done with some effort, but sadly, is not how I look every single day…but for now, just pretend that’s what I look like while writing today’s blog.
Most days, my blog will answer specific questions that will come up in therapy, but for today, I wanted to broaden the scale a bit, to include some of the stuff I have encountered along the bumpy road of life.
Some background: I lived a “Norman Rockwell” childhood in Fredericksburg and was raised by an excellent German family that instilled in me a strong work ethic. I like to think the definition of love is your daddy washing your windshield and giving you his gas credit card, so you are well taken care of in college while Mama is busy cooking your favorite meal when you come home to visit. Life is good.
Comfort zone breaker #1: I’m 6’2″ (some people call that tall), and I managed to graduate from college with a master’s degree (some people could call that smart or crazy). So what is an awkwardly tall and smart girl to do with her life now that she’s left her parent’s house and her hometown? Conventionalists  would say it’s time to find a man and settle down. And that’s what I did. I let my nagging low self-esteem take hold of my soul and married the first man who asked. When I could handle no more of this situation, I got a divorce….(drumroll) and lived!!! I realized I was strong, could handle pain, was worth having a great love, a great life, and deserved more. The moral of this dramatic tale: You will survive whatever you have going on, you are strong, and you have value.

This is one of my puppies– his name is Rascal, and he loves laying on his back….This picture is a great analogy of my post-divorce behavior…..Let’s take it easy and figure out who Brenda is, and what Brenda really needs–mainly while goofing off, having a good time, and not working too hard. 

Comfort zone breaker #2: After several years of coasting, my German work ethic kicked in, and in 2011, I opened Monarch Physical Therapy and became self-employed. Working for myself, and putting myself out in this way, felt very scary and vulnerable. Guess what?? When we are creating, being creative, showing our authentic self to the world, we are being vulnerable…we are being our authentic self, and bravely showing it to the world. It has challenged me more than anything ever has, and continues to do so, but my work life is now in alignment with my authentic, who-I-am-as-a-person life. I could not be happier.  There is a payoff for doing the hard work on opening up any restrictions in your mind, body, and soul…..and it is some hard work!

So, this is yet another image of Rascal, but if we are still comparing this lazy dog to me…he knows when to be alert, when to be calm, and is always living in the present tense–so he does not miss a thing! That leads us to our last point for today.
Comfort zone breaker #3: I know myself, I am confident, and yet very sensitive. I listen to my intuition, and have found that body work, using myofascial release, has made all the difference along the way to me having peace, love, and happiness. What if the secret to life really is some simple thing…like having a relaxed mind and able to enjoy the company of friends…being able to walk in the woods without fear or worry, because you are fully present…
In some small way, I hope that your path to wellness can include me meeting you and helping you along the way…how fun would that be?
Until next time!

Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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Living out of my comfort zone: Things I never thought I would do as an adult


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