Memorial Day

This week is a bit crazy here at the office, with a Monday holiday, we are not sure what day it really is today.  The office will be closed Thursday afternoon and Friday, since all therapists are taking a John Barnes MFR class in Dallas this weekend (more crazy for the schedule). We appreciate your patience with us and know that everytime we get back from a class–expect great things from your treatment!!!

Memorial day makes me think of my grandmother’s favorite uncle,Louis Jordan. He was an all-american football player at UT Austin, was an engineer and at the old age of 27, signed up for WW1 duty.

Sorry for the poor quality screen shot, I’m no expert at changing files into pdf’s. The point of all of this, is to remember anyone we have known, or related to, who gave their life in service. We always thought he had been working at camp bullis in San Antonio, but the paperwork on this form says Camp Funston. Here is a bit more detial on that : “There is a present day Camp Funston but it is in Kansas near Ft. Riley. After doing a bit of digging, I found that there a bunch of land acquired by the government near San Antonio that was then called the Leon Springs Reservation just prior to WWI. It was supposed to provide training ground for some the other military facilities in San Antonio. In February of 1917, a General Funston was killed in San Antonio. So a portion of the Leon Spring reservation renamed itself Camp Funston. However, since General Funston was from Kansas, they also renamed a facility there as Camp Funston. The army said we can’t have this, so in October of 1917, Camp Funston was renamed Camp Stanley, and the remainder of the reservation was name Camp Bullis. In May of 1917, there was a new training camp for officers started at the then named Camp Funston. It was called the First Officer Training Camp (FOTC) and that is where Louis Jordan was when he filled out his draft Registration. He has already volunteered. It was also interesting that he signed his draft registration on 5/29/1917 exactly 100 years ago–Paul Hartmann.”

Freedom is not free.

God Bless.



Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT

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Memorial Day


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