Myofascial Release: Why You Should Be Stretching at Home With a Therapy Ball

So, when was the last time you saw your therapy ball? Is collecting dust bunnies underneath your bed? Did your dog eat it? Did you ever even own a ball?  And, of course, you might be asking…

So, why even have a ball to use at home?

Well, let me show you how a simple therapy ball can make all the difference in the world! That lovely new ball might just become your new best friend. It can really take your home release sessions to new heights into the new year.

Myofascial release is basically a sustained pressure into the fascial system of the body for at least 90 to 120 seconds in order to have a release of the elastic and muscular components of the connective tissue but also the deeper collagenous components as well.  In turn, you will experience a long lasting and deep change in your fascial system. This can occur by three different ways:

1) COMPRESSION into the fascial system

2) ELONGATION of the fascial system and

3) REBOUNDING (or shaking up ) the fascial system. These 3 methods you probably have all experienced in at least one of your myofascial treatment sessions.

As you hopefully recall, myofascial self releases and stretching completed outside of your treatment sessions are very important parts to your journey to healing. So, back to the ball question? Why even buy a ball for home use? Well, this is a great way to complete the COMPRESSION method for myofascial self release. You can’t take your therapist’s hands home with you. So, the therapy ball is the next great way!

We are having a new LEVEL 2 Stretching CLASS on January 18th at 4:00 pm in Boerne and the topic will be on how to use your new therapy ball at home and how to feel the deep changes in your body as you learn to let go and release into a NEW YEAR….2018!

Hope you can all come to this new class we are offering!

Happy New YEAR!

Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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Myofascial Release: Why You Should Be Stretching at Home With a Therapy Ball


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