Myth Buster: Fake It Until You Make It

Fake it until we make it….I’m sure you have heard this comment, and if you get on the internet, there are a ton of great meme’s out there showing us all about how to fake it.

Problem is, when you make it, and you have been faking it, will it all be fake???

True story, had a client come in this week and tell me that she is really trying to keep up with her peers, even though she lives in constant pain. She does not really want to be the “debby downer” and be the one who is complaining about not being able to do the fun activities she loves.

So, what is a great way to face reality, deal with our physical pain, and in the process, not have to put all our energy into maintaining a facade that life is perfect. Where does someone even start with that?

The first step, sometimest the hardest one, is to acknowledge that there is pain, or some tightness that is getting in the way of vacations, holding grandkids, or just getting though the work day.  Maintaining the facade takes a lot of energy, so how much more energy would you have if you could be real in your life and look at this pain/tightness issue head on.

Then what?  If you are suffering, the next step is to find help for this pain. I think most people start with google searches because they might not have a long standing health practicioner  who can refer them to someone who is an expert at dealing wtih pain.

What if you do not want drugs, or surgery? You still have options.  This is where our “ease your worry ” session is a great option. You get to come in and visit with one of our therapists, in person or on the phone, and ask all the questions you have. You get to check us out, talk to us for 20 minutes, and it’s free.

The journey. Now the challenge is to stay present, breathe, and keep checking in with yourself to find out what you need.



P.S. here is one more, these are just too fun!

Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT

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Myth Buster: Fake It Until You Make It


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