New Year… NEW YOU

We have made it through to 2018 officially and into a new year.   It is a time of new beginnings, shifting, and a new season.  Time to look to the present harvest time we are in and beautiful things yet to unfold. It’s a time for the “New You” to finally emerge out of the cocoon to become who you were meant to be all along.  As the saying goes:

“To exist is to change, to change is to grow, to grow is to become the Butterfly you were always meant to be…”

We are pleased to report that we have a special gift and opportunity coming to you all in the Spring that will be a holistic program that will assist many to grow and to emerge into this “New You”. We are in the beginning stages of planning and developing the program and will have further details to come in the next few months.

So, maybe you recently had that pain in your low back or your knee that just seemed to not want to go away and you have come to Monarch PT and have had great success in getting better and your pain is improving. However, maybe you still feel tired all the time, you aren’t sleeping, your stomach is a mess,  and you just can’t concentrate or focus on anything. Well, obviously there are other factors in your body systemically that need to be looked as a whole to allow you to make the comprehensive changes necessary to become this “New You”.

Or, maybe you have been coming to Monarch PT for years now and should have your picture on the wall as the “Model Patient”.  But, you just really want to take all that have you learned and improved upon to that next level. You really feel like you need to learn how to maintain your physical status and to improve your overall lifestyle but need help to do so. You are waiting to lift off and to fly finally now, but you really need help to take flight.

Well, do we have a treat for you…. this program will be called Monarch YOU. We will fill you in in the next few months as we get the program rolling along. If you have any questions, then please feel free in the upcoming months to ask us anything at the Boerne and Comfort locations. We are very excited about this program and assisting you in becoming the who you were meant to be all along.

Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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New Year… NEW YOU


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