Pyramid Options – Your Wellness is in Your Hands


Hi everyone,

It’s Brenda from Monarch Physical Therapy wishing everyone a good day.

We have received some questions lately about the proper order for booking classes and Physical Therapy sessions. I know it can be confusing so I wanted to explain it a little bit more, in hopes that it resonates and makes more sense.

When you are in pain or have suffered an injury it is important to seek treatment from a physical therapist. You are at the beginning of your journey to getting better and are ready to start at the bottom of the pyramid. At Monarch PT, we try to get patients in the office as soon as possible but sometimes our schedules are booked up and there may be a several week wait to get an appointment with one of our Myofascial Release trained physical therapists.

The good news is that Monarch PT has several options for you so you can jump to the top of the pyramid and get started on your recovery right away

Option 1 – Sign up for one of our introductory wellness classes:

  • Basic MFR Self Treatment – Elizabeth teaches the Basic MFR self-treatment class, which shows you how to start self-treating at home and gives you a head start to learning the concepts of MFR. This class is a MUST DO, so doing it first gets you ahead of the game.pts of MFR. This class is a MUST DO, so doing it first gets you ahead of the game.
  • Pelvic Floor 101 – Amber teaches the Pelvic floor 101 course, so if you are coming in for pelvic floor issues, and have to wait for an appointment for PT, this is a great head start to better understanding how MFR helps these conditions and starts you on the way to self-treatment and breathing awareness.

Option 2 – Sign up for a Myofascial release massage therapy session with Elizabeth or Lisa.

  • At Monarch, all the therapists (PT and massage) are trained in John F Barnes Myofascial release. By signing up with a massage therapist you are getting the same MFR treatment without having to get a Doctor’s referral. It’s a way to start learning to feel into your tissue, start the healing process and work down the pyramid.

Check with the front desk for more information on these wellness options—most of them can be purchased with our VIP membership packages and are sometimes more reasonable than using commercial insurance.

We want you to know that you can start your journey of transformation at either end of the pyramid, and you don’t have to suffer and wait because of our schedule. We are doing our best to help you feel your best.


Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT

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Pyramid Options – Your Wellness is in Your Hands


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