Reflections from Sedona

Some of you may know that I was away from the clinic last week for my own intensive myofascial release treatment in Sedona, Arizona where John F. Barnes, PT, operates one of his therapy clinics (his other clinic is in Malvern, Pennsylvania). Intensive treatments are designed to include about three hours of therapy per day in the form of hands-on treatment similar to what you receive at Monarch, group sessions, and stretching/unwinding sessions which all help to break up our subconscious holding patterns to allow for change and growth. I started my journey with JFB myofascial release three years ago and felt it was the time both personally and professionally to deepen my journey.

Change is not easy…whether we are in physical pain, emotional pain or somewhere in between. I desire a change, specifically for less swelling in my right leg as the traditional approach to treating lymphedema has only given me temporary results over the years. The most difficult part for me during treatment was learning to soften and let go (I get it, I’m human too!). Our subconscious holding patterns are so strong but if we truly desire change we must be willing to feel our body and gently lean into the pain, fear, and unknown. That usually leads to some sort of chaos, but there is light on the other side. My treatment brought me back to a time before I can consciously remember, yet my body remembers and I feel that over the years this has produced physical symptoms. My swelling has not changed yet, however I trust this process as I continue with my self-care and home program now that I am home. My body feels more open which I trust will allow more fluid and energy to flow where it was restricted before.

We are going to get out of this work what we put into it. If we choose to talk throughout treatment and avoid feeling then that is one’s choice, but if we allow ourselves to truly quiet down and feel within our body amazing things will start to happen!

I am learning to be more gentle with myself so that I can continue to help our wonderful patient community as we are all on our own journey- it is so worth it!

Love and light,


If you are interested in scheduling one of your own intensive treatments at a JFB clinic please visit his website at or call 1-800-FASCIAL. Intensives are also available at Monarch Physical Therapy (call 830-431-0773 or email at for more information).

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Reflections from Sedona


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