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“Brenda, you did what?? Why did you make a transfer course, aren’t you busy enough???”

Lets back up the truck 18 years ago…..

Who is that girl in the picture?

  • The year is 2001 and she has been out of PT school for 4 years.
  • She is struggling in this job, but with 6 years of student debt, she has limited options.
  • She took this in-patient (IP) rehab position without ever having an internship at an IP rehab facility. No class or teacher had prepared her for the heavy lifting that is required or the challenge of working with clients dealing with burns, strokes, head injuries, and multiple trauma.

What changed and allowed her to keep going?

  • People, and really getting to know them and learn their amazing stories.
  • The sweetest boy who fell off a 7th floor balcony at college who didn’t give up and worked hard in rehab without ever hitting “curse and get mad” stage of recovery, he just stayed sweet.
  • The high school student who participated in an MRI as part of class field trip, discovered she had 7+ aneurysm in her Circle of Willis. She was on the locked unit with a lot of sundowners, and there she was, bald and amazing trying to make everyone else smile.

I am that girl!

  • I am that girl and my co-workers were my rock. We would socialize after work, run beach-to-bay marathon relays each year, and cry and hug each other when we had a bad day. But more than anything else, we became the biggest vocal advocates for our clients.
  • We fought for more days of care with case managers because we knew our clients needed it. We learned when to speak up to MD’s in staff meetings, and how to effectively communicate with the nursing staff.
  • We trained 100’s of family members how to get clients into the car or go outside on the mobility track and do stairs.

18 years later my passion for teaching and taking care of those who need a voice is still strong.

I am inspired daily by my clients and the strong will it takes to not only survive, but thrive and get stronger. Only helping 6 people a day is a great thing, but being able to help more, is a really great thing.

I designed as a way to help caregivers, and family members build confidence in safely moving someone from the bed to the wheelchair, or the wheelchair to the car without fear of hurting themselves or the person being transferred.

If you know of someone who can benefit from this information, please share this email with them. You can also find us on when you search Safety First Transfer Solutions.


Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT

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