Thank Goodness We Live in the USA and Have the Freedom to Change

My staff encouraged me to blog on this topic this week, so I have decided to go with it, despite my inner Introvert cringing…here goes.

Do you remember the last time you had fun? I mean, belly laughter, free to be yourself, fun. For me, that involves being physically relaxed, no schedule, no tension headaches, and not being rushed. Being in nature usually does that for me, and getting to spend time with my husband in this same relaxed way, also helps.

There was a time in my life, when I was not confident enough to be authentic. What does that even mean? Well, I felt that I had to maintain some image, that, to be the silly, light hearted person I am, I had to hold that inside—and maybe only be “that way” every now and then. Somewhere, I had developed the crazy idea that I could not be a professional Physical Therapist, and still be silly/laugh/have fun. Sort of like I had to choose between being a professional, and being myself. During this same window of time, I also started having more physical issues—allergies year-round and on meds, less and less willingness to go on adventures because I did not feel good.

I feel those 2 things were related—so in my long journey of learning and practicing MFR—it has helped me feel comfortable being me. Seems kind of silly now to think of it being courageous to just be yourself—but this has been a long and winding road.

What the heck does this have to do with these crazy pictures????

My sweet husband and I have a 1967 travel trailer, and it was top of the line, back in its day. It has a full bar and a cigarette lighter at the bar. Neither of us smoke, and I don’t really drink, but we just got back from a fun weekend of camping at a Vintage Trailer rally—so the “Bar” was the inspiration for my costume during the open house tours of the campers. Those are candy cigarettes (do you remember pretend smoking???), and those are rollers in my hair. I look crazy—but I had a blast!!!

This next picture is posing for the camera and being silly, but one of the therapists commented “you would need that (the makers mark) to still do regular physical therapy or see 30 people a day at any other PT clinic.

I’m about to go to Lubbock and celebrate 20 years of being a physical therapist, and myofascial release will help me continue to want to do this for at least another 20 more. I no longer use tools like running or drinking to help me calm down from a chaotic job, I have just created a different job!! What a concept!! Thank goodness we live in the USA and have the freedom to change.

Cheers to all of you living an authentic life and free from pain.

If you would like some help in the getting rid of pain department, we are here for you! Set up a phone or in-person 20 “ease your worry” session, and we will listen to you. Then you can decide if we are the right kind of clinic to fit what you need.


Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT

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Thank Goodness We Live in the USA and Have the Freedom to Change


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