The Will Power To Stay Committed

New Year’s Day is a funny one for me. i’m very optimistic, but this day is a combo of looking ahead in great expectation to the coming year, setting goals for that year, but also looking back, with a tendency for dwelling on last years good (and sometimes, not so good) decisions. I am more of a constant/stabilizing force… I’m not very good at the “lets drink grapefruit juice for 2 weeks and loose 60# ” kind of a girl… more of the slow and steady wins the race…lets not eat more than one cookie so those pants will fit”, kind of person.

The looking back…

Monarch physical therapy hit some milestones in 2016. We hired 2 new physical therapists, celebrated being open for 5 years, and expanded the Comfort office allowing a much shorter commute for our hill country clients.

All of that growth is shaping and forming me as well. My role continues to be a treating therapist, but i’m also doing more practice management, learning about social media, and how to be a smart business person in an ever changing world.  I am a relational person, so I am trying to get used to building relationships via the internet (like with you, reading this blog).  Some of these tasks are fun and exciting, but some are just mundane and require that slow and steady commitment.

The looking ahead….

We continue to grow, and next month will have a bigger Boerne office, in the same office complex. It will have 4 rooms instead of our current 2–if you are reading this today, please participate in our naming the room contest on the Monarch Facebook page….we have some great entries so far!

I moved to Boerne in 1998, and things have certainly changed since then. I could drive from my house in ranger creek, to the medical center in San Antonio in 20 minutes–leave the house by 7:40 and be there by 8. Now it takes me 15 minutes just to exit at Fair oaks parkway and cross over to the Boerne office. What has not changed is the amazing people that live and work in the hill country. It is a blessing to serve and be served by you and your generous spirit, it makes coming to work, not really feel like work!!

I find it crazy that this summer, I will celebrate being a physical therapist for 20 years. I am not sure how that happened, but I have a strong feeling I will still be here, serving you for the next 20.

The will power to keep on keeping on…

So what does all of this rambling have to do with Monarch PT, or getting better? everything! Holding a stretch for 10 minutes instead of 1min, showing up for appointments, even when in a healing crisis. Having trouble knowing if you are really getting better, or just starting to feel more (P.S., that does mean you are getting better!). Asking us about a tip sheet or the biomat — all of these things put you on the slow, but steady road to improvement. So I am here to say “keep on keeping on!! You can do it!.

Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT

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The Will Power To Stay Committed


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