We Are Here for the Long Haul, What Can We Do for You?

Human nature is funny…it’s irrational and sometimes just crazy. The bottom line is, we are all human, so in some ways, we are all very much alike.

This blog usually answers questions that have come up in the clinic over the past week, or topics/what we are up to (some would say, Brenda is always up to something, but since i’m writing this and referring to myself in 3rd person, that’s just creepy!).  Most of our amazing, long-term, devoted clients started out either resisting the process (quit telling me to go to Monarch!), or took a very long and winding road to get here (we are not naming names!).

Those same people, get relief, and start telling their friends/family “You need to go to Monarch”, and the cycle continues. This is a great process, so we have tried to make a few small steps along the way to encourage those who are skeptical/unsure, or just are seeking out more information.  Here are a few ways to contact us, get to slowly know us better!

1. Subscribe/”like ” us on facebook. We post articles about MFR, videos and try to educate about what we do, who we are, etc.

2. Get a free report emailed to you. (we also have hard copies we can mail you if you don’t do computers). We have tip sheets on back pain, neck pain, pelvic floor, and more general information about myofascial release. You can request these directly from this website (look in the PAIN HELP NOW! section up above) or you can call the Boerne office and we can email you one as well. That number is 830.431.0773.

3. Set up a telephone or in-person “ease your worry sesssion”. This is 20 minutes with one of the therapists, so you can ask questions, tell them your history, and find out if we are a good fit for you and for your needs. There is no charge, and it’s a great way to check us out. This can be done at the Comfort or Boerne office, or over the phone. Click here to request a free “ease your worry” session »

4. Sign up for one of our stretching classes. We host classes regularly – call or email us for details of the next one. These are one hour classes, limited to 4 people to review the stretching exercises we send out to you when you first become a client. It’s great to review them, and increase your confidence that you are doing them correctly. That class is $10/hour, and not billed to insurance because it is a wellness class. Anyone can come, and it’s another opportunity to share the clinic with someone new.

We are talking to the folks at the Comfort Public Library to see about having some classes there, but no dates set just yet. Stay tuned for that. We do have a YouTube channel (search: Monarch Physical Therapy) and we have videos of all of the stretches in the handouts, videos of fascia, and some information about the office.

5. Some people book a massage therapy session to try us out before going to the hassle of getting a referral from their MD. It’s a good way to see if this is right for you, because you are not getting a lotion-y massage, you are getting an hour of myofascial release. Then they have a sense if it’s the right thing for them to pursue.

6. Some people are decision makers, so they skip steps 1-5 and sign up for a session. Those people can just call us at 830.431.0773 and book an appointment.

I hope this helps!!!


Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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We Are Here for the Long Haul, What Can We Do for You?


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