What is it you do at Monarch? Can you help me?

Brenda and John

Great question this week from someone I ran into at the basketball game on Friday. They know I am a Physical Therapist, but what kind of patients do I see???

At Monarch, we have all taken years of training with John F Barnes Myofascial release, to holistically look at the entire body looking for areas that are not in alignment—ie, is one shoulder lower than the other, does the person habitually stand on the R leg with the “holding the invisible baby stance”.

We also have time to listen to you because we spend an entire hour with you.  That gives us plenty of time to hear about your current symptom—ie, pain somewhere or difficulty moving—but here is the difference. We are not looking to just treat the symptom, we want to find the problem. That means we are going to work in your area that currently hurts, but we are also going to work on the entire body, so that you can stand straight and have more endurance in life for fun things other than posture!!

Our focus is women, but we also see men. We know that women make a lot of decisions about health in their families and that they have a lot of demands placed on them. Along with seeing people who have acute or chronic pain, we also see a lot of people with pelvic floor issues (pain in the pelvis or with intercourse, urinary incontinence issues, etc). This is a very important part of the body to have working, so please know that we are a safe space to get treatment at.

So who can we see?

People who are ready for a change, that are tired of being in pain or feeling like it’s just getting harder to do the things that they love to do.


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What is it you do at Monarch? Can you help me?


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