What the Heck is a Myofascial Release Intensive?

I just wanted to answer a few questions we get in the office, so here goes:

What the heck is a myofascial release intensive??

Intensives are very intentional therapy sessions scheduled several days in a row, usually for 1-3 hours each day. If you have a prescription for physical therapy, some sessions might be eligible for payment with your insurance. Intensives are like a retreat for yourself—taking time out of life, staying in a hotel, getting away from the day-to-day routine, allowing yourself to have deeper sessions.

Sessions can be a combination of myofascial release, raindrop, or self-treatment classes. The point is to deepen the work and not have to rush back to work or life, instead stay in the feeling mode to allow yourself to heal.

Intensives take up quite a bit of our availability, so we require a 50% down payment to reserve your appointments. If lodging is an issue, there is an Airbnb glamper near the Comfort office, and also lodging at Riven Rock ranch across the street from the Comfort location.

Please speak with any of the therapists if you are interested in booking an intensive—it’s a great way to spend a few days on yourself!!

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Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT

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What the Heck is a Myofascial Release Intensive?


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