What to do with Yourself While Waiting for Covid-19 to be Over?

Corona Virus

Time is a constant, we have the same amount of time each day, but how we use that time has changed a lot for quite a few americans. No school, a lot of people are either working from home, or not working at all because of closures… does it feel like there is more time in the day??

I’m not really sure, seems like each day flies by, but how much time are you spending each day on self care? On positive mental, physical, and still social time?

It’s helpful to have a schedule, but also helpful to get more rest, take a nap and rest your physical body. Do all that stuff we always hear about—drink water, eat healthy, and take our vitamins. Go for a walk each day, do some stretching, listen to some nice meditations or music to calm the nervous system down and help you relax and feel like this is more of a vacation. If you don’t know your neighbors, this is a great time to chat from the street/balcony/porch keeping distance, but still having some contact/conversations with friends. It’s a great time to mail nursing home residents cards, call those who are normally homebound, and just try to stay connected and talk to friends on the phone.

As an office, we are doing our part to stay connected by doing free facebook lives on our Monarch Physical Therapy facebook page, and also doing zoom calls/video conferencing for those not on facebook. We are not physically in the office, but please call and leave us a message, we are checking those daily and will call you back within a 24 hour window. We hope to just be closed for 2 weeks, but will keep everyone posted as things develop.

We miss everyone, and want everyone to be safe and healthy, so when we have been given the all clear, we can get back to life as we know it.




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What to do with Yourself While Waiting for Covid-19 to be Over?


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