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Myofascial Release therapy provides me with additional mobility in my left knee and leg. During every session, Shannon, my Physical Therapist, targets different areas of my leg. She locates the tightness and applies the necessary pressure to release the tissue. Throughout the session, I can feel the release and relief in the leg and walk away without the stiffness, especially in the knee area.

I also have a variety of detailed stretches Shannon suggested I do at home. These stretches allow me to move about more freely as I go through my daily activities. If I mention a particular problem area, Shannon demonstrates possible stretches or exercises I can do at home to help relieve the tightness or soreness. I begin my day doing the stretches and exercises, focusing on the areas where I am feeling tightness. If I feel the need, I will also do some during the day or in the evening.



Early 60's, Floresville, TX

I started seeing Brenda Bryson at Monarch PT as a result of two knee replacements and a little osteoarthritis in my lower back. My back hurt constantly and really got in the way of any physical activity. I had never heard of MFR before but was willing to give it a try as traditional PT was not working. I started going twice a week and almost immediately noticed a difference so I decided to stay the course and continue. We went from twice a week, to once a week, then every two weeks and then once a month. She gave me some simple things to do at home when my back bothered me and sure enough, they worked. While I still have osteoarthritis, I am able to do just about anything I want and I don't think about my back hurting. When it does bother me, I just use my little MFR techniques and I am good. I now go to see Brenda because her excellent skills in MFR just make me feel great.

I am grateful to have found a Physical Therapist who was willing to step outside the box and learn other techniques in addition to traditional PT. The staff at Monarch PT are professional, friendly, and patient. The facilities are spotless and soothing and I look forward to my appointments. I would recommend Monarch PT to anyone who wants to get better.



Early 60's, Comfort, TX

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