“Welcome To A Physical Therapy Clinic In Texas PERFECT For Women Who Don’t Like Relying On Painkillers And Who Prefer Natural, Specialist Solutions To End Pain And Stiffness, So They Can Keep Active And Enjoy Their Health For Many Years To Come.”

Most People Ask our Clients, "What’s so special about Monarch Physical Therapy Clinic?"

Whether you are looking for Specialist Manual Physical Therapist's advice since traditional exercise and stretching has let you down, or you have a hard time “swallowing” the “just rest and take pain pills” option that is very often advised by medical professionals, or you are VERY health conscious and already know that Specialist Private Physical Therapy advice IS your BEST option... You’re about to ENJOY the same transformation in your health as thousands of others who have seen proven results in their ability to keep ACTIVE and watched as their pain levels drop, faster than they ever thought possible.

To get started, click the ORANGE button on this page to request a free telephone consultation with one of our physical therapists. This is 20 minutes with one of the therapists, so you can ask questions, tell them your history, and find out if we are a good fit for you and for your needs. There is no charge, and it’s a great way to check us out.

Or if you would prefer to meet us in person at either the Comfort or Boerne office, just look at the top of the page for the "Free Ease Your Worry Session" button and fill in the simple form!

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Who we help

We help men and women over 30 to live healthy, active lives, free from the pain that stops them from doing the things that they love.

People who come to us include:

  • Frustrated Family member: Who’ve tried all the pills and exercises but NOT found relief and are starting to believe surgery is the only option.
  • Confused Health Consumers: Who just want to understand what the problem is and possible solutions BEFORE they have to pay for it.
  • Fearful Parents: Who are not sure how they will be able to provide, care and enjoy their family if their pain keeps them from being able to work.
  • Hopeless Individuals: Who think nothing can be done to help them.
  • Health Conscious Wife: Who want to LOOK and FEEL healthier, NATURALLY, so they can keep up with the kids and have energy for time with friends which seems only possible WITHOUT pain and stiffness…
  • Always “On-the-Go” Men and Dads: Who feel they can take the pain, but WORRY it will more limit their ability to provide for family AND still play.
  • Sensible Men And Women: Who know that painkillers are NOT the best answer, who feel let down and who WANT BETTER for themselves than just a few sheets of exercises that they could easily get off the web.
  • Especially Active Grandparents: Who know that playing with grandchildren is much EASIER and more ENJOYABLE if they’re in LESS pain and FREE from the shackles placed upon them by STIFFNESS.
  • Worried Men and Women over 50: Who know that it’s much easier to fend off “deadly” threats like Heart Disease and Stroke and even joint pain or muscle strains… if they can keep ACTIVE, mobile and are able to exercise for as long as possible.
  • “Weekend Athletes”: Who want to be FIT and READY for the next round of golf, the nice run or walk after work, or a long bike ride with friends anytime they want.
  • Weary Worker: Who feel they would get better if they could just sleep without pain.

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Monarch Physical Therapy
28604 Interstate 10 West, Suite 4
Boerne, TX 78006

Phone: 830-431-0773
Fax: 830-265-4053

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Please contact the Boerne office at 830-431-0773 for details and map to the comfort location

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