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Myofascial Release

FREE REPORT: “Five Myths About the Pelvic Floor… a Wellness Resource from Monarch Physical Therapy”

Learn what helps and what may even be hindering you from finding relief from the agony of pelvic floor pain or urinary issues!

Yours Free From Brenda Bryson, Physical Therapist

Brenda Bryson PT, LMT

Leading Physical Therapist in Hill Country, Central Texas

A Personal Message From Physical Therapist and Owner, Brenda Bryson.

This INFORMATION is put together for the person wanting more information about the fascial system and myofascial release. John F Barnes, PT, MT, developed myofascial release treatments, and has been training therapists since the early 1980’s. I started training with him in 2002, and continue to take classes from him. The fascial system is completely ignored by x-ray or MRI imaging. Basically, very few health care practitioners are aware of the impact this system has on the body.

You are now on a discovery mission—to learn more about what you need to take care of yourself, to become empowered and ask questions, and to seek out healthcare that works for you.

You know in your heart the painkillers are NOT the answer because they are damaging to your body. Relaxing until the pain goes away is not working, and may be even worse because your body is getting used to being inactive.

Over the past 15 years I’ve been working daily to help people aged 35+ find relief from chronic pain and I can assure you that taking medications and resting will not fix the root cause of most types of pain issues… and actually, may even be hindering you from finding relief.

It is frustrating to see the number of people who are suffering needlessly with pain. I’ve written a Report which details what any person can do to begin finding natural relief for aches and pains, while they learn about fascia.

I Would Like For You To Have This Report For FREE.

Now I don’t know if the information in my Report will relieve you from your aches and pains but I can tell you that it has worked for most of my patients and clients over the last 15 years.

Also, reading my Report has to be more powerful than resting, taking more pills or excepting the standard phrase “this is just what happens with age”

If The Aches And Pains Are Affecting Your Life You NEED To Read This FREE Report.

Please take a few minutes and imagine how your life would be if you DON’T take control of your pain NOW. How will the aches and pains affect your ability to excel at work, your preservation of self-worth and also your independence?

Will you be fun to be around? Will you be able to care for your family and enjoy life? I know you understand what I am saying.

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Brenda Bryson 

Myofascial Release

FREE REPORT: “Five Myths About the Pelvic Floor… a Wellness Resource from Monarch Physical Therapy”

Learn what helps and what may even be hindering you from finding relief from the agony of pelvic floor pain or urinary issues!

Yours Free From Brenda Bryson, Physical Therapist

More about the person you will be helped by…

Brenda graduated in 1997 holding a Master of Physical Therapy degree from The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.  

She began her journey with John F Barnes’ Myofascial Release in 2002, became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2007, and opened Monarch Physical Therapy in 2011.

“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Physical Therapy At Monarch Physical Therapy And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY… In Just A Few Short Weeks”!


In October of 2014, I decided to give physical therapy ONE MORE TRY. My health battle began many years ago and in 2007, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. When I heard about what Brenda was doing at Monarch, I was told it was different. Myofascial release would be a more focused approach, a one on one experience that would start to change things at a cellular level by manipulating the Fascia.

I can only imagine what gets built up and stuck in the webbing that surrounds the muscles and nerves from years of decreasing mobility. I'm 3 years into weekly therapy and I hardly miss a week, because of what it has done, and how I feel now, compared to when I started. This therapy is different and I am moving better and muscle spasms are rarely a problem. With one on one care, Brenda has encouraged me to find an individualized approach and has become my friend and cheerleader. I have gone from a blob in a wheelchair to sitting confidently on the edge of a bed, able to put pressure on my feet and legs, and most recently, the ability to transition to a standing wheelchair resulting in numerous physical and psychological benefits.

Another very big accomplishment has been to get away from all pain medication. Myofascial Release has been a complement to my individualized health plan and has given me strength, range of motion and the confidence to get better.


Early 40's, Helotes, TX

Myofascial Release therapy provides me with additional mobility in my left knee and leg. During every session, Shannon, my Physical Therapist, targets different areas of my leg. She locates the tightness and applies the necessary pressure to release the tissue. Throughout the session, I can feel the release and relief in the leg and walk away without the stiffness, especially in the knee area.

I also have a variety of detailed stretches Shannon suggested I do at home. These stretches allow me to move about more freely as I go through my daily activities. If I mention a particular problem area, Shannon demonstrates possible stretches or exercises I can do at home to help relieve the tightness or soreness. I begin my day doing the stretches and exercises, focusing on the areas where I am feeling tightness. If I feel the need, I will also do some during the day or in the evening.


Early 60's, Floresville, TX

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