The BioMat

by Richway

A Therapy of Light, Heat and Crystal

Imagine being able to feel better while you relax in soothing heat.
That’s the benefit of the amethyst BioMat technology: it’s effortless, easy to use, and feels great while it provides:

Relaxation of muscles
Increase of local circulation where applied
Temporary relief of:

Minor muscle pain
Minor joint pain and stiffness
Joint pain associated with arthritis
Muscle spasms
Minor sprains
Minor strains
Minor muscular back pain

Experience the profound benefits of detoxification, rapid healing, and natural pain relief with the Richway Amethyst BioMat.

There are many imitations, but only the Richway BioMat uses certified natural crystal, and passes our rigorous EMF testing with flying colors. These mats are handcrafted by skilled technicians who form part of the Richway family. You will be amazed at the improvement to your health and wellbeing when using the BioMat regularly.

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BioMat Technology

The BioMat is very different from a standard heating pad. It does not contain heating coils, or any point sources of heat, so it does not present the practical dangers associated with heating pads. It also has EMF protection built-in. And yet, the BioMat can transfer far more heat into the body, compared to a heating pad. This is because the heat transfer is radiant, not conductive. And since the heat is distributed evenly throughout the body, rather than just on the skin, there is great therapeutic value.

The radiant heat is produced by hot crystals that cover the surface of the mat, and there are settings to control the desired temperature of the crystals. The crystals are warmed by a flexible conductive heating plate, which was developed originally by NASA in order to safely warm space stations and other space vehicles.

Far Infrared Light

This is the same phenomenon as visible light, but the wavelength is longer, so we cannot detect it visually. As the wavelength increases, the light can penetrate more deeply, transferring heat very efficiently. This is why sunlight warms us to our bones. If you hold a flashlight behind your fingers, only the red light can penetrate. This is because it has a longer wavelength than the other components of the light.

Negative Ions

These are air molecules that have an extra electron, hence the negative charge. They are abundant near large sources of moving water. Breathing these free electrons neutralizes oxidizing compounds (free radicals). They are an anti-oxidant! You may also notice benefits of mood and alertness, due to increased serotonin levels.


Natural crystals convert conductive heat into far infrared light very efficiently. Indeed, all infrared products rely on some kind of crystalline material for this reason, but some products use ceramic or graphite. Natural crystals have long been used for healing purposes, across many different cultures, and there could be a scientific basis for this practice, yet to be discovered.

* Information courtesy of Healing Arts Garden

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7 Reasons Why the Biomat Is a Better Heat Source Than Other Ways of Heating the Body:

  1. BioMat has a 3 year warranty, many other mats are 1 year.
  2. All of our mats use 100% Amethyst (with the exception of the Mini) because it is regarded as the highest quality stone for healing. Amethyst was specifically chosen as it is the stone with the highest emission of infrared...and it actually falls closer to the medium infrared spectrum, which is more easily absorbed by the body.
  3. We are FDA approved for pain and stress, other mats are only FDA registered.
  4. A quick comparison to the Healthyline Pro size (as one example) reveals that the weight of their "Pro" size mat is "18 lbs", while ours is 25 lb, with 18 lb of that being amethyst, so right off the bat, we can assess that the Richway BioMat has more sq. inch for sq. inch amethyst than you would get from Healthy Line.
  5. A heating pad will heat you topically (surface of the skin), BUT as soon as you remove the heating pad, the body begins to cool. Because IR heats the body by vibrating the water molecules inside, the result is that the body retains the rise in body temp for up to 8 hours.
  6. EMF protection - The BioMat has 3 layers *built in* to it that provide EMF protection. 2 layers are physical blockers and 1 is a reverse currency layer - meaning, any residual currency is reversed and grounded away from the body.
  7. BioMat vs IR Saunas - main difference here are a) Cost b) Space c) Penetration is 6-8 inches on the BioMat. 2-3 inches in a sauna d) Negative Ions - most saunas do not provide the negative ion infusion that you get from a BioMat. NI's work very synergistically with IR in terms of detoxing the body. IR detoxifies via the increase in circulation and stimulation to the circulatory and lymphatic systems...which means....that IR by itself really only moves toxins that are already "available" in the circulatory and lymphatic systems, not in your cells. NI's send a signal to your cells to "open up" and not only uptake nutrition and hydration, but also release toxins. NOW we have additional toxins that are available in the circulatory and lymphatic systems for the IR to carry out.