5 Simple Ways to Have a Strong and Pain-Free Back ????????????

Blue Bonnet

???????????? Are you ready for spring drives in the country to look at bluebonnets, but don’t’ want to because of back pain, read on…. 1 – STAND UP ????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️ Have you been sitting more than normal lately? Long car rides/flights or conferences seem to increase back pain because we are not designed to sit for…

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What the heck is my body doing? Part 3

Change Video Shot

Age 45-65+ I hope you are following along with us on this journey of life stages and how to deal with them as they are happening. This stage is very interesting, because things start really showing up here. We might have been pushing along through the 30’s and early 40’s with no problems, and sometimes,…

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What the heck is my body doing? Part 2

Pelvis Bone

Age 21-45 This is a huge, productive, crazy time of life!! You might be in grad school and sitting a lot, having and caring for children, or dealing with pre-menopausal life changing hormones—so, I will try to maintain a focus here—we don’t have all day!! A common area that affects everyone in the crazy/fun years…

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Bleacher Butt Got You Down?

Bleacher butt got you down?? Not really excited to go sit at another game because of back pain? Read on to see how we are helping Hill Country moms and dads enjoy sitting in the bleachers. (this is me and my husband at last year’s UTvs Notre Dame game when it was about 1000 degrees—so…

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Just a Little Nagging Pain Getting in the Way of Everyday Life

I’m part of a big family–my mom is one of eight kids–and i have quite a few first cousins, just on my mom’s side ( I think it’s 16, but who is counting!).  My youngest Aunt (who is only 15 years older than me), has a daughter who is 18 years younger than me–this is…

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What To Do When Your Back Pain Only Shows Up the Day After You Play Golf….

Spring is here in Texas, that means getting outside before it’s 100 degrees at 10 am. Lots of our clients play golf–our office is less than a mile from a country club. More and more of them are coming in and reporting “I feel really good the day I play, but the next day, my…

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What if There Was a Different Way for Employees and Employers in Kendall County With Nagging Back Pain to Get Relief Without Wasting Any Time in Their Busy Week?

Pain is one of those invisible factors always trying to pull us off course. It’s hard to be nice to those we love, when we are just trying to get through the day. It robs us of mental clarity we need to be productive at home and at work. Most Americans these days don’t have…

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