What the heck is my body doing? Part 3

Age 45-65+

I hope you are following along with us on this journey of life stages and how to deal with them as they are happening.

This stage is very interesting, because things start really showing up here. We might have been pushing along through the 30’s and early 40’s with no problems, and sometimes, as if, overnight, it seems like the wheels of the bus are falling off. This era is often all about changes. For most of our lives we have been taking care of our careers, or our children—so the mid 40’s start seeing some windows of “what do I really want to do?” or “This is a great time to take care of myself”.

I am a total dork, so even just writing this makes me think of Sheryl Crow’s song “a change will do you good”. The video is below, and I’m sure we thought this was really cool back in the 90’s (the people in the video are cool—look for Ellen!)

Watching the video almost makes me dizzy, but sometimes we really are ready for a change. If the medicine you have taken for years that has stopped the shoulder pain, just isn’t doing the trick anymore, maybe it’s time to try the infared heat Biomat. If the mere thought of riding in the church van for the 15 hour ski trip to Colorado has you and your back hurting—maybe it’s time to change and see what myofascial release is all about.

We are not Named Monarch Just for Grins

Transformation in any form (physical, spiritual, or mental) is very important to growth and maturity. It’s not always fun, but it is important. For the 45+ stage of life, I think it’s great to focus on living and feeling well, not just getting old.

For my Chrysalis friends, and all those hurting from the shooting this week,

Fly With Christ

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What the heck is my body doing? Part 3


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