Intensive Retreats in Comfort (Literally!)



What the Heck is an Intensive?

Sometimes it helps to step out of everyday life and just do something different. Literally leave your house and stay somewhere else while you learn, without all the distractions of chores and home life when you really need to focus. It’s a bit different from a vacation, because you are there for a purpose.

I love to do this for an entire week, but even for 2 days is a real treat. I will go to Austin and stay in a hotel for a few days, book a few visits with other therapists and then sleep, eat, rest and journal. I’m not there to visit or run a bunch of errands (which is tempting since I live out in the sticks). I’m there to take care of myself and break through some new layers of restriction in my body, and sometimes, in my life.

So, I wanted to let all of you customers of Monarch PT know, that the option of an intensive is much easier in the Comfort office. Some of you might have gone to classes when the garage Loft was available for stretching classes. Well now it is an apartment on Airbnb and available for rent. You are literally footsteps away from the office, yet get to have space and relax. This makes it easy for a booked in advance 1-2 sessions on several days a week to take care of you, and still have some peace and quiet.

Just call the office and we can have it all arranged—because this does take up quite a bit of the schedule, the MFR sessions have to be booked in advance. Please let us know if you have any questions. Despite the craziness of this year, we are trying to nurture and help you on a path to wellness.



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  1. It sounds wonderful. What is the cost for this? Is there a minimum stay required and how many sessions will be available at what price?

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Intensive Retreats in Comfort (Literally!)


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