The Covid Special: One Hour Myofascial Massage


We know that Covid is here and stressing everyone out in a variety of ways. So in our August staff meeting, we had a great brainstorming session about how to make it easier for people to understand what we do. It seems like it’s so confusing if you have to get a script for physical therapy or not. So we created “The Covid Special”. It is a one time session with Brenda Bryson, PT, LMT, owner of MonarchPT, for a myofascial massage session. Her normal rates are $165/hr and we are offering this for $88/hour, so that you can feel what this work is, and then decide which route to take—if it’s medical, you get a script from your MD and start physical therapy. If it’s more wellness, or you know you are never going to meet your giant deductible for your medical insurance, you pick the wellness/massage therapy route.

Either way we give you options, but this price point is a one time offering, meaning you only get this discounted price for one session.

I hope that helps you, or your friends who are trying to decide if this is the place to go, or the right treatment for you. All treatments are done in private rooms, and both parties wear masks. The Comfort location has morning sessions that are done outside by request.

To book your Covid Special One Hour Myofascial Massage call (830)-431-0773 or email

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The Covid Special: One Hour Myofascial Massage


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