Myofascial Release Helps Peel Back Some Layers

“I guess I have this because I’m getting old”

I hear this everyday.

I call BS on this. Yes, we all have bodies that are aging, but in our minds, we still feel pretty young.

No one likes the feeling of feeling old.

No one likes it when they try to do something easy, and the body fails us and suddenly, we have a pain, a pull, or an injury.

Let’s put this in another format, perhaps soften our focus and see this from another angle.

This picture is some old cypress wood that is over 100 years old. It has been sitting in the barn for the past 40 years. It’s dirty, it doesn’t look amazing on the surface. If you did not know what kind of wood it is, it could easily go on the burn pile. Some people would say that it does not have much value. Some people would just say, “oh, it’s old, don’t mess with it”.

*in Texas, the only way to harvest Cypress wood is when they fall from floods, you cannot cut them down or harvest them, so the wood is quite rare. Cypress trees are huge and take a very long time to grow, is very good for holding up to Texas weather conditions and was used a long time ago for making water storage tanks.Old Boards

For some perspective on why I am digging out old boards from the barn, I seem to be attracting old things quite well. I have 2 vintage travel trailers I rent on Airbnb (shameless plug), and I am currently working on creating an outdoor shower out of an old metal water storage tank. We need to fabricate a door, so my brain started working on what things I could use—lightbulb—the old cypress wood in the barn.

I take the dirty old boards to Robert Blount at Texas Grown Wood in Comfort, for him to plane down/clean up/make them fit into our new space.


These old boards are so beautiful. This is a pic of the raw wood, nothing on it at all. He knew how to work with the old wood, honor it’s lines, and take the junk off, reveling the beauty that was underneath. These boards are at least 100 years old, yet are still very useful, sturdy, and have now find a new life as shower doors.New Boards

News flash:

We are a lot more valuable and beautiful than these old boards. We have lines, depth, and beauty that sometimes just needs some old layers removed that are no longer serving us, and then the real beauty of our essence can shine through.

Myofascial release helps peel back some layers, letting your inner beauty shine through. Let us know if you ever need some help—these boards are over 100 years old, just think what we can do if you are only 30, 40, 50, 60 or up.


Search “glamping in Comfort” or Dora Glamper #2 on for more info on these little getaway trailers in the Texas hill country.

Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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Myofascial Release Helps Peel Back Some Layers


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