What the heck is my body doing? Part 2

Age 21-45

This is a huge, productive, crazy time of life!! You might be in grad school and sitting a lot, having and caring for children, or dealing with pre-menopausal life changing hormones—so, I will try to maintain a focus here—we don’t have all day!!

A common area that affects everyone in the crazy/fun years between 21-45 is the pelvis—so let’s talk a bit more about this very important part of the body.

Pelvis Bone

This photo is from a spine/pelvis model in the clinic, so don’t be alarmed, a real pelvis does not normally have pins and metal holding it together—that is the job of our connective tissue! Can you see how it makes a bowl? The pelvis is a great holding vessel, and it is the house foundation of our body—gives us stability to stand, sit and move with ease. The female pelvis is designed to move for childbirth—so who would buy a house with a foundation that moves???? That just means, that it moves and gets out of alignment much easier than the much more stable, male pelvis. (if you know anything about house foundations, this is like a pier and beam vs engineered concrete).

So, what stage of life are you in?? Are you in grad school, sitting long hours and stressed out? You might be aware of more low back pain, or stiffness when you stand up after 7 hours at the computer. Are you a mom with young kids and noticing that your body is not “bouncing back” quite as fast after the birth of your last child, or that it really does hurt to lift/reach that sweet baby into/out of the car seat? Are you getting close to one of those birthdays that end in a zero and training for a marathon—but noticing that your knee, hip, or back is really hurting?? Maybe you are just realizing that your posture is changing—your butt sticks out more or it’s harder to stand up straight.

Most of these scenarios by themselves are ok, it’s when they get layered on over a lifespan that we start to get into trouble, and why having a team of professionals to help keep you healthy and on the go, is really important.

Here is a short list of what I call “these are not normal conditions you should live with when help is out there”, which boils down to, if you were my best friend and you had this, I would not give up on you until you found some relief.


  • Back or hip pain that lingers more than a week
  • Urinary or fecal leakage/incontinence
  • Pain with intercourse (before, during, or after)
  • Painful scars
  • IBS, IC, or digestive issues that linger
  • Anyone telling you something is normal because you have had children or are getting older.


These conditions might not all be related, but they are worth seeking help, so that they do not start limiting your life and doing the things you love to do.

Our team of therapists at Monarch have over 75 years of combined experience, and we are skilled at finding problems and decreasing symptoms. Mollie and Shannon have advanced training in the back/spine areas, and Brenda and Amber have pelvic floor training to help with muscle tightness/pain issues in the pelvis. Together, we bring a team approach to help get you better.

Please let us know how we can help you!!

Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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What the heck is my body doing? Part 2


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