Bleacher Butt Got You Down?

Bleacher butt got you down?? Not really excited to go sit at another game because of back pain? Read on to see how we are helping Hill Country moms and dads enjoy sitting in the bleachers.

(this is me and my husband at last year’s UTvs Notre Dame game when it was about 1000 degrees—so I was representing for the state—but really went to Texas Tech).

Families and extended families are busier than ever, keeping up with kids schedules these days. Driving one sibling to dance, while the other goes to band means that more and more parents, grandparents, and anyone who can drive, is spending more and more time sitting in bleachers or on the sidelines in really uncomfortable chairs. Even if you have no aches or pains, just sitting in these bleachers for hours can give you pain.

So What Can You Do if You Already Have Pain, and the Game Just Started?

Find your sit bones. Fancy word is ischial tuberosity, but if you ever had a boney butt sit on your lap—those are the bones we are supposed to be sitting on. If you are not sitting on them, but instead, leaning back, you are more of a slouch position. If you are leaning too far forward, you are putting more strain on your neck and shoulders—the goal is to sit on both sit bones, and then just rock back and forth a bit for motion.

Chairs or booster seats. If you are at a soccer game and are bringing one of those chairs in a bag, try and look for one that has more of a flat bottom, rather than the sling type—it is very hard to have good sitting posture inside a sling. So try and bring a more sturdy chair to sit in.

Get up after each quarter/inning and move. Walk to the concession stand, talk to others around you, just try not to sit for 2 solid hours.

Alternate pushing into your legs. This gives your muscles something to do and no one has to know what you are up to. Helps elongate your body and take some strain off of the back.

Knowing you are going to be sitting, try and stretch or walk earlier in the day.

We know hurting is no fun, and hurting while sitting and trying to have fun is downright impossible. We are a resource, here to help you keep having fun and not letting little aches and pains get in the way of spending time with friends and family.

Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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Bleacher Butt Got You Down?


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