We Take Excellent Care of YOU, Not the Insurance Company. Here’s Why:

“So, what is this going to cost me?”

I hear this question a lot from new clients, or people checking us out over the phone. I totally get it, because I understand living on a tight budget. More often than not, paying for healthcare seems like a grudge purchase—almost as if paying for new tires would be more exciting. Besides, all that health insurance mumbo jumbo is very confusing, and who knows what a co pay or a co-insurance is anyway?

Our practice is set up to take excellent care of you, not take excellent care of the insurance company.

What does that mean? Well, we are in network with most insurances, and we do our best to find out in advance what your benefits are, what amount you have met with your deductible, and what you can expect to pay for each visit. This takes time. If you have ever tried to talk to a human, not the automated system at any insurance company, you understand this. The most accurate information occurs after your claim has already processed (we add value to your therapy by filing all Medicare and in-network claims for you), and that takes a few weeks. Sometimes what the pre-verification, or “beginning call” says and how your claim processes are different, so we do our best to keep you in the loop.

We understand it’s hard to trust—so we encourage everyone to be a part of the process. The insurance company would much rather talk to you, not us, so when you call, they usually give you more details and information. It also is a learning process to understand what benefits you have.

“Why have you stopped taking some insurances?”

Because we have a different model; instead of seeing double or triple clients at one time to make ends meet, we value seeing one person, for one-hour sessions. That means, if the insurance company pays us less than our cost of doing business, we get out of our contract with them, so we can still provide the level of service we feel is best for you, our clients.

I am addressing all of these questions here, because I answer them all the time in the clinic, so I want to pose some other options and questions for you to consider.

Instead of “what is this going to cost?”, how about considering “what do I value? What therapy do I need to get me back to what I love to do?”. When we have trusted people in our lives, the handyman, the AC repair team, or the therapist, we know they will “get the job done” and get the job/the AC/or our body back where it needs to be.

I know it’s hard to make all of these decisions, that is why we offer the 20 min “ease your worry” session. Call or visit in person with one of the therapists, check us out, we are here to listen.

We also have a ton of information on our website. You can download free reports, read about the therapy team, and learn more about myofascial release.

We are here, how can we help you?



Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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We Take Excellent Care of YOU, Not the Insurance Company. Here’s Why:


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