Just a Little Nagging Pain Getting in the Way of Everyday Life

I’m part of a big family–my mom is one of eight kids–and i have quite a few first cousins, just on my mom’s side ( I think it’s 16, but who is counting!).  My youngest Aunt (who is only 15 years older than me), has a daughter who is 18 years younger than me–this is starting to sound like a riddle!! Emily is planning her wedding, and since I don’t have kids, this super smart 26 year old just makes me so proud. I was tickeled pink when she asked if I wanted to join her and her mother (my aunt) to go wedding dress shopping—ummmm, yes!!!

No need for a spoiler alert, this is not her dress, just a really pretty one on display.

So what do you talk about between wedding dresses–hopes, dreams, planning for the future? Not so much. We had a short talk about how little things, little aches and pains, really start to add up. How it’s really hard to justify going to the doctor when the spot that hurts moves around each day.  It’s hard enough to bring up the subject of taking care of yourself, but when you can’t even find the words to describe the pain (yesterday it was my ankle, today it’s my hip), it’s much harder to seek help.

A  study by the NIH published in 2015,  found that an estimated 25.3 million adults (11.2 percent) experience chronic pain—that is, they had pain every day for the preceding 3 months.

If any part of this short conversation is starting to sound or feel familiar, just know you are not alone. You are like most people who “wake up today and hope that the pain has just gone away.”

When the day progresses, and we realize, we still have pain, it’s hard on the spirit.

We are problem solvers. We understand pain. We understand that most folks don’t want meds, surgery, or procedures that are complicated. They just want to feel better.

How can we help?


Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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Just a Little Nagging Pain Getting in the Way of Everyday Life


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