What if There Was a Different Way for Employees and Employers in Kendall County With Nagging Back Pain to Get Relief Without Wasting Any Time in Their Busy Week?

Pain is one of those invisible factors always trying to pull us off course. It’s hard to be nice to those we love, when we are just trying to get through the day. It robs us of mental clarity we need to be productive at home and at work. Most Americans these days don’t have a big margin when it comes to free time or time off–if you are the business owner, you need to be at the office, even if you aren’t feeling great. If you are the employee, you most likely don’t have much paid sick leave, if any, to deal with nagging aches that just make you want to sit still, rather than be active and energetic.

You may have tried a New Year’s resolution to get fit and start working out, but somehow, that just made the nagging pain a bit worse, instead of better.

I want you to know I completely understand the frustration of wanting to be active–like get through the day with energy to walk the dog, be nice to the family and have a little extra energy to play with the kids–and not having the ability to do it.

What changed? I started stretching and moving daily, not just hoping that “this would be the day I don’t hurt” only to lose hope and realize nothing had changed.

How can you start that process of change? Many ways, but here are a few options. Contact us for a free report (see below) on 5 simple things you can do to have a healthy, pain-free back.

Or click on this link, https://monarchpt.leadpages.co/back-pain-chamber-newsletter and we will e-mail you one. We have copies at the office as well if you prefer a printed one.

We are problem solvers.  We are here to help active people lead healthy and active lives, free from pain killers and the fear of having pain control their lives, even if they have tried everything else.



Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT