Frustrated by Arm and Shoulder Pain That Is Making Getting Dressed for the Day Feel Like an Olympic Event?

Life is way too busy to have these little nagging pains turn into situations where we start to lose the ability to do simple things, like put on a bra or apply makeup. It’s almost like we were rocking and rolling along, and we hit one of those birthdays that ends in a “zero” or a “five”, and all of a sudden, part of our body stopped working?! What is up with that?

If you are an optimistic person that wakes up each day thinking “this is the day my shoulder is not going to hurt”, but discovers when she is trying to brush her teeth an hour later, that familiar ache/sting/crawling muscle spasm starting to wake up, then we have some information for you.

We all need and expect our body to work for us at all times, if it starts becoming hard to write, get things out of the fridge, or use our arm, I invite you to follow this link to read up on  more information about what you can do that does not involve taking medications or injections.

Here is a picture of a tip sheet we have in the office for you to pick up, or click here to have it e-mailed to you directly.

Basically, we want you to know that you are not alone, that we are problem solvers, here to help you get better. To make it easier to do simple things like wash your hair, write a check, or reach for the mail in the mailbox without wanting to cry.

Let us know how we can be a resource to you,



Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT