Understanding of MFR and Stretching Concepts


I know a lot of you have enjoyed deepening your understanding of MFR and stretching concepts by taking the 4 week class that Elizabeth teaches (isn’t she a great teacher!?!?), and we are pleased to continue to offer those classes monthly.

I just wanted to comment a little on how LIFE is like MFR concepts (I’m lazy, so MFR is myofascial release).

1. Go with the direction of ease.

1. This does not mean Easy, but when there is flow, follow that. We know what this feels like, but sometimes when we really want something to happen (ie, we are driving the bus/agenda) we try to force the issue.


2. Listen to the resistance, then back off a bit.

2. Chaos, crazy stuff happening in life? Nothing going your way? That’s a good clue to back off, slow down, and sit at the barrier. Feel into that space, soften your focus, and let go of trying/forcing/working so you can see what bubbles up to the surface.


3. Soften and remember what it feels like to melt.

3. If we are trying to do the workload for others, or just doing way to much, this is a great concept to remember. This is an easy concept when you think about rain—do you want to slow down, sit still, or just more aware of being relaxed when it is raining? There is an energetic shift when we let go, that allows others to take over/do more.


I hope these concepts help you in your day-to-day, but if you have questions, or want to sign up for some of those stretching classes, just call us at 830-431-0017 and we can get you signed up and taken care of.

Be a blessing and never stop learning!

Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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Understanding of MFR and Stretching Concepts


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