Where Has The Year Gone??


Is anyone else shocked that it’s already November? Another year has flown by and before we can blink, it will be January. Are you one of those new year resolution people?? I’m not, but I want to be…..I love the idea of a new year, a new goal…but then, before I can blink, it’s March.

What seems to happen more in my life is this: I try to plan, but then life gets crazy and I’m more in a reactive mode. I go to myofascial sessions when I’m hurting—not always when I’m feeling great. I don’t have the tough conversations with those in my life until I reach a tipping point, and then I unleash a volcano amount of info on them. I try to have a budget, and then 7 things break at once. It’s crazy.

I don’t think we have to live in crazy all the time.

What would it feel like to have some calm in your life, to know that there are some options in any situation you happen to be in?? Sometimes the stress in our life becomes physical pain, or presents in other ways, like trouble sleeping or not feeling nourished.

I know we don’t have all the answers here, but we try to be a resource from instant pot pressure cooking to save time, to physical pain and bodies being out of alignment.

We have some changes as well for 2019—the Comfort office is changing locations in a few weeks (don’t worry, we will give you updates on that), and we just keep figuring out how to take great care of you despite health insurance or IH 10 construction!!!

Please let us know if we can help you in any way—the mind, body, spirit connection is strong—and we need strength and flexibility in life to adapt and roll!!

Please stay warm, and have a blessed thanksgiving!!


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Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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Where Has The Year Gone??


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