There are Moments in Life That Really do Take our Breath Away


Have you ever noticed any of the following:

  • You find yourself holding your breath when watching TV or at the movies
  • You are gripping the steering wheel on the morning commute and breathing really shallow
  • You are getting a massage and notice you just aren’t able to relax and are holding your breath
  • You barely have time to pee at work, so you bear down and “push” to help speed the process along

There are moments in life that really do take our breaths away—but the rest of the time, we should really be breathing. One thing to start noticing in your everyday life, is being aware of your breath. Do you breathe in your chest, and into your belly? Or just one of those?

Diaphragmatic breathing is one option to consider. Commonly referred to as belly breathing, it has an overall soothing effect on the body by decreasing spasm and tightness, while lessening bracing patterns due to pain.

To practice this, lay on your back, placing your hands on your chest. Notice your hands rise up with your chest as you inhale. Inhale and exhale to slow count of 4. Repeat a few times. Then place your hand on your belly and notice your hand rise up with your belly. Allow your body to soften with each exhale. Progress to guiding air into your belly and allowing your chest to follow and fill up naturally.

Then gradually incorporate the practice of diaphragmatic breathing into your daily commute, when watching TV, or before you fall asleep at night.

If you have more questions or want to learn more on this, we even have classes that incorporate breathing and awareness into the session.

Just call the office for more info, 830.431.0773 and we are glad to help.

Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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There are Moments in Life That Really do Take our Breath Away


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