How to Stay Active Even Though it’s Dark Wayyyyyyy too Early!


I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of early darkness and cold weather—I’m a summer sunshine girl, and I can only handle so much!!! It’s just not healthy to go to bed at 7pm (even if it feels like 10:30!) every night, and for me, it’s much harder to work out/stay motivated in the winter.

So how can I keep moving and do something when it’s dark outside???

  • 1. Take a walk at lunch. Get some sunshine in earlier in the day—any way you can! Park far away at HEB, or just leave the office and make some laps in the parking lot. Either way, getting some sun is going to help.
  • 2. When it’s cold, I tend to want to come home, put on pj’s and lay on the couch under several blankets—not a great idea everyday. So I put some fun dance music on, and set a timer…no one can see this craziness in my living room, but I try to dance for at least 30 minutes. 80’s crazy, hip hop…pick a genre that makes you happy and just move. It will heat you up and give you some easy cardio.
  • 3. Marie Condo some closets. This is a great time to work on purging or organizing closets or rooms. Keep that fun music on and turn on all the lights and get started. I try to get rid of any chairs in the space so I am not tempted to sit down, but rather move a lot to unload cabinets, sort into Trash/Recycle/Keep piles and then I feel better having an uncluttered space.
  • 4. Sign up for a class of some sort. Could be educational, could be movement. But having something to attend weekly is a great way to learn or move when otherwise you might feel like sleeping.

If other energy issues persist, then feel free to reach out to us or another health care provider
to see if there are any other underlying issues.

Monarch offers a variety of classes during the day to keep you moving!



Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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How to Stay Active Even Though it’s Dark Wayyyyyyy too Early!


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