Do You Ever Wonder if You Are the Only One With the Courage to Be Authentic? What Does That Even Look Like in This Day and Age, to Be True to Yourself?

Most of these blog topics come from conversations or questions that occur during treatment with clients, and today’s blog is no exception. When peeling back the fascial layers of ourselves, we find all kinds of restrictions–it can be our self image, our self concept, or perhaps, we feel we have to play a role in our lives. Sort of like being an actor in a play, not really being our true self. This does not mean we are some crude cave man who says whatever we want, but more of an alignment with our gifts and talents to our family, jobs, and life.

Since my mindset  is sort of a bizzare- texas -independant- woman thing, what comes to mind when I think of being authentic is Willie Nelson. Now, I admit, I don’t know Willie, and this blog about this is just a good example of being authentic.  Some of you know, Willie first went to Nashville, and did what all rising stars do–he wrote songs, wore the suit, and was Mr. Clean Cut.

If you are starting to doubt my mental clarity, here is a little video of him back in the day.

Does that look anything like today’s version of Willie??? I realize he is older, but something had to shift. I really doubt this is all just an external shift (clothes, hair), but more of an internal shift of “this is who I am”.

So what in the world does this philosophical  Willie insight have to with Monarch? Tons.

Part of the healing process is the dealing process. What that means, is we have to be couragous and look within–looking at the dark places, or the painful places that just don’t go away when we ignore them. Having a safe space to deal and heal is a huge part of the process–and it’s one of the things we love providing. Health care in America is very rushed, and not always very patient centered. We love having one hour sessions, in private rooms to allow you to exhale, take your shoes off, and trust the process–that you are on your way to feeling better, and becoming the best version–the most authentic version–of yourself!

Just remember Willie — it’s an outward sign of an inward transformation.

You can do it!!

If you would like some more information about us and how we can help you with your transformation, please call the Boerne office at 830.431.0773 to visit or schedule a free “ease your worry ” session.  You can visit with one of our therapists and find out if we are a good fit for you and your needs.



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Do You Ever Wonder if You Are the Only One With the Courage to Be Authentic? What Does That Even Look Like in This Day and Age, to Be True to Yourself?


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