Introducing Our “Monarch You” VIP Memberships

New year, new you? When we make our new year’s resolutions we all have good intentions, right? We are going to take better care of ourselves.  We are going to work out, eat healthier, get more sleep but it’s hard when work, family, church, life gets in the way. Usually, something falls off the agenda, and if you are a woman, your goals are often dropped so you can take care of someone else in your life. It’s almost March and for many of us, our new year’s goals are all but forgotten.

Most of us are (thankfully) not in a critical health crisis, we are not in the hospital or recovering from some huge medical trauma—so we think we are good.  The reality is that little, nagging things are starting to happen. Here are just a few things I heard last week from my wellness clients “it hurts when I bend over to put on my shoes”, “I really need to start working in the yard, but I am afraid of the pain I will have a few days later”.

If any of this sounds familiar, please keep reading.

We want you to know that we can help you stick to your resolution to take better care of yourself. Monarch Physical Therapy is proud to offer wellness programs through Monarch You.  Monarch You is designed to give you the tools and concepts to easily integrate wellness into your life and help you resolve those nagging issues before they become next year’s resolution.

Through Monarch You, we currently offer two stretching series; one series is dedicated for pelvic floor/low back issues, and the other series is designed to help you better understand the benefits of stretching the Myofascial Release way. Here is what a few of our stretching class graduates have to say:

“I read about the Pelvic Floor classes online.  I was having chronic issues with pelvic pain mimicking bladder infection problems.  I had seen my doctor several times when he told me that these were not symptoms related to bladder infections.  I talked to Brenda and she suggested that I take this class to see if it would help me.

The classes made me more aware of my body and made me listen to what my body was telling me.  I enjoyed meeting with other women who had the same kinds of issues and knowing that I was not the only one with this type of pain.  The exercises really helped me and I can say that I am now pain-free.  I know what causes my pain and I can do things to alleviate the pain.

I am thankful that these classes are available.”
‑ Vickie


“The stretching class gave me the tools necessary to feel more in control of my pain.  The group setting was very positive and confirmed that I am not alone in my pain. It was very supportive.“
‑ Evie


“The pelvic floor classes were the perfect complement to the therapy I am already receiving at Monarch PT. The exercises and stretches I was taught to do at home are easy and have played a big part in my recovery. The small class size afforded us the opportunity to share our experiences and learn from each other, plus Amber is a gifted teacher and practitioner. I highly recommend the Pelvic Floor Series Classes!”
‑ Jo Johnson

Starting in March, Monarch Physical Therapy will be offering Monarch You VIP Memberships to customers that have completed one of the stretching series.  The memberships are designed to help you continue your transformation. With a Monarch You VIP Membership, you can come in weekly and get the support and accountability that you need to help you keep your wellness resolutions!

  • You choose the membership level that is right for you
  • You choose the sessions that work best for you each month
  • You call Laura at 830-431-0773 to schedule when it is best for You!


Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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Introducing Our “Monarch You” VIP Memberships


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