Pelvic Floor…. How Do You Feel When You Hear These Words?


Embarrasment? Why are people talking about this on facebook, or better yet, why are they talking about it at HEB in the produce asile??? Shame? Knowing there are issues and hearing these words just makes you turn red and get all clammy??

My favorite is “what the heck does physical therapy have to do with the pelvis???” Let me break it down for you, because it has everything to do with how comfortable movement is.

Physical Therapists go to school for years (current school is 4 year undergrad degree + 3 years at a health science center) learning about muscles. There are a lot of muscles in the pelvis, and we generally call them The Pelvic Floor. It makes sense that the movement-exercise-PT people would then be interested in treating issues with the pelvis and the pelvic floor muscles.

The alignment of the bony pelvis is also very important to posture, strength and decreased pain with movement. So here at Monarch PT, our therapists have a lot of training in the area of the pelvis.

So we are having classes—to teach stretching to those muscles, to learn more about the structure, and to learn more about how to breathe.

To help those with low back pain, those who need to learn how to breathe when picking up heavy stuff, those who are pregnant, those who want to be pregnant, and those who used to be pregnant. Basically, if you have a pelvis, this is a great class.

Classes are structured the same way as our other classes—once a week for 4 weeks with Amber Drabek, PT teaching, you get a copy of the Pelvic Power book for exercises and a better understanding of anatomy, and a 4”ball for self treatment.

To lessen the embarrassment/shame/I want to ask questions but I don’t factor, these classes will either be all men, or all women, to lessen the embarrassment/shame/I will ask questions now factor.

Pelvic Floor Brochure


If you have any questions, please call Laura at our Boerne office and she can help you out! We look forward to seeing you in September.




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Pelvic Floor…. How Do You Feel When You Hear These Words?


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