Summer… Good Times, Vacation, Camp, Swimming… So Much Fun to Be Had With the Family

This is me a few years ago at the grand canyon, trying to show my husband “it’s this big!”

I want to update all of you what is happening this summer at Monarch.

We will have a series of stretch classes that will be 4 weeks long—one class per week, with a focus on different body parts each week. (ie, neck, back, hip, etc). The classes will be held at Comfort and Boerne and will be $100 for the series (i.e. $25/class, if you want to just take one class, and there is room, it will be $40). These are more specialized than the level 1 and 2 classes, but get much more specific into what you need.

We also offer intensives. What is an intensive? Well, you might have just dropped the kids off at camp and have a few days to yourself, or have decided it’s time to work on You. An intensive is 2-3, one hour sessions of MFR per day, for several days, even a week. Please talk to Brenda or Elizabeth about intensives, it’s a great way to break through some barriors!

Monarch You fall session will start September 10th (after Labor day) and end the week of November 16th (before Thanksgiving). We will have much more on this program in a later blog, but it includes, Biomat, biochemical analysis, myofascial release, color therapy, stretching, and educational classes.

We are blessed to have you all as clients, and watch your transformation.



Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT