Feeling Frustrated With Low Energy, Weight Gain and Body Aches, But Don’t Know What to Do?

If you saw this on Instagram, or just read it now, does it feel like I’m reading your mind? I promise I do not have those kind of skills, but I want you to know, I understand. When I was 28, my self-perception was that I was in great shape, and a great athlete—I tend to refer to myself at this time of life as Ms. Piggy from the Muppets “Brenda, is there anything wrong with you?” Ms. Piggy gives her classic response “Mmmmmuah???” I don’t even know how to spell that, but if you remember Ms. Piggy, you get the point—she never thought she did anything wrong, it was all poor Kermit’s fault.

The reality was, at 28, I was a hot mess. I would pull over on my way home from work to take a nap (but would have denied chronic fatigue or that I needed to go to the doctor). I would try to paint my living room on the weekend but would have to wear wrist braces the next day because I was so sore and in pain. Not normal for someone in their 20’s. Thankfully, myofascial release, or MFR, found me, and I started taking classes, receiving body work, detoxing, and gradually learning to lead a healthier lifestyle—not just thinking I was healthy.

There was so much to learn, and it was a bit overwhelming. At the time, I was working with people who knew all about Young Living essential oils, organic food, and medical grade supplements that I had never heard of.

Let’s fast forward to 2018—I just turned 45, and for the most part, I have a lot more energy and strength than I did 15 years ago. In fact, I just painted 2 bedrooms, and was sore the next day, but not to the point of immobility or need for medication. I’m not thrilled about someone calling me middle aged, or trying on bathing suits, but this getting older thing for me, means getting better.

What does this have to do with Monarch?

One of the things I love about taking care of great clients, is education. Having time to review/teach/demonstrate so that they really understand whatever we are trying to teach—maybe it’s the MRI report they don’t understand, or they need 13 reviews on how to do some psoas stretch correctly—and one of the first things to go out the window with healthcare reform, is time—time to educate, teach, and make sure people understand basic principles.

I want to change that. I want to offer educational programs that include teaching, bodywork, and a better understanding of how the body works, all in one location. I want to make it less confusing to be the client and get great value out of the process.

How will that happen?

We have been working on an intensive 3-month program called Monarch You set to launch in the fall of 2018. We are so excited about this program that we are offering a mini-mester from April 16th to May 11th, and we are calling it Monarch Mini You. It’s like those mini semesters in college—either summer school, or winter break.

What will it include?

Monarch Mini You will include the following:

  • Biochemical analysis on April 4th to help determine ph/supplements/metabolic needs
  • 2 myofascial release hour long sessions weekly
  • 2 biomat far infrared 30 min sessions weekly
  • Weekly 1 hour stretching/educational class taught by therapists to help you understand and implement MFR self stretching at home
  • Access to private facebook group for accountability and to ask questions/review topics from the week
  • Pre and post goals, posture photos to see progress, and notebook to journal and track progress

What can I get out of it?

Input equals output. Showing up each week, a willing spirit to participate, and basically being ready to be on this journey of transformation with help from the Monarch team. Change occurs on the mind, body, spirit level, so it’s not just about less physical pain. A lot of clients get back in touch with joy and happiness.

What will it cost?

This used to be such a big hang-up for me, because I did not value spending time/money/energy on myself. Feeling good is priceless.

The total cost for the Monarch Mini You is $2499. There is an early-bird rate of $2249 available to those who sign up by March 31st. That’s a saving of $250! Additionally, if paid in full at time of sign-up you will receive an extra $100 off. We offer in-house payment plans, and Care Credit.

This is an educational program, so it is not covered by insurance or eligible to be filed with your insurance.

Your wellness is in your hands.

We love getting to know you, and we like to make sure that this program is a good fit for you. Space/class size is limited, so if you have any questions, we would love to schedule a free, 20 minute, ease your worry session. You can come to the clinic, meet us, ask us questions, and see if we are a good fit for your needs.

Need more information on myofascial release? Check out our website or John F. Barnes website.

Need more info on biochemical analysis? Christina Sessums will be taking the lead on that, her website is www.purelysimpleorganic.com

Please call (830)-431-0773 or email frontdesk@monarchpt.com for more information

Brenda Bryson, PT, MPT, LMT
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Feeling Frustrated With Low Energy, Weight Gain and Body Aches, But Don’t Know What to Do?


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